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Welcome to our website. I am Dr. Mark Green. I want you to know that we’re not just looking for an associate to come work in our practice; we’re looking for long term partnership with another doctor to build, not just our practice, but your practice and your career. That’s why I put this site together. This website is devoted exclusively for associate candidates to Kansas City Foot and Ankle. This site was created for several reasons. You probably have many questions about this practice. You have questions about the opportunity here at this practice, both immediately and in the future. You have questions about practicing in the Midwest and the Kansas City area, and you have questions about how to effectively apply for this job, interview for this job and ultimately accept the right position for you.

For the right doctor, this position at Kansas City Foot and Ankle is an excellent opportunity. I do not think, however, that this opportunity is for every doctor. So, my purpose in creating this website is to introduce you to our practice, and to give you as much information as I can about the opportunity that exists here. This site will explain how you can apply for this position, if you think it would be right for you.

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